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Mar 4, 2012 8:30am PST
limbaugh went too far. the fallout from his rant against the college student. >>> plus, mitt romney's presidential campaign picking up momentum following another win in washington state. it is 8:30, march march 4th, sunday morning. if you are joining us this morning. i am anne makovec. >> and i am phil matier. we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. we will be talking about the republican presidential race and the economy. >>> and also talking about america's cup. but our top story, we have been following two day's worth of reports of damage coming out of the tornadoes in the midst west and south and today the search for survivors is continuing. >> that is right. after the tornadoes ripped through the south, the number of people killed is 36 so far. apparent tornadoes destroyed the town of henryville, indiana. we will have a live report from the scene in just about five minutes. >>> more than 10,000 california college student will be ralliesing at the state -- rallying at the state capital tomorrow, raising awareness about tuition hikes, upset about paying more money
Mar 25, 2012 8:30am PDT
romney and where he stands after the latest gop contest in louisiana >>> that loss what does it mean sitting down the political insiders and talking at sports also in bay area. the owner of the caught the mood and a quarterback controversy in the forty-niners >>> and everything going down with the new orleans saints with congressional hearings, rep. >>> a murder investigation has stunned a quiet san francisco neighborhood. >>> off police returned figure of the deaths of five people is a case of a murder-suicide or if there's still a suspect. the bodies of the three women and two men on friday in an endless side district and first is believed the murderer was among the dead and now police are not sure. they're assuring neighbors the economic risk. >>> the experts in this area do not believe that there's a threat to public safety at this time. >>> it's scary in terms of the committee that could be someone out there possibly. >>> the gruesome scene was discovered by a woman coming home from work and pride in mourning and the stevenson trying to determine how the victims were kille
Mar 11, 2012 8:30am PDT
their lives. >> on the national front, presidential hopeful rick santorum wins in kansas while mitt romney takes wyoming. and newt gingrich, he is counting on his fellows down in the deep south to stay in the race for the white house. santorum's rival skippedded campaigning in kansas allowing him to win the state easily yesterday. the candidates are battling for mississippi and alabama and newt gingrich in third place is counting on his foal southerners to win come tuesday. >> we can win alabama and mississippi tuesday night. we will reset the campaign for the ninth or tenth time. >> for front runner mitt romney, mississippi and bm bam -- alabama had been considered long shots but new polling show significant gains. >>> 8:36 now and still to come, a look at the legal debate over the sheriff's domestic violence trial. >>> and the intimate details we are learning about his past. we checked with a legal analyst. >> playing dirty in football. the scandal gripping the new orleans saints. we are live next. th who >>> big cool down around the bay area this weekend. clouds move into the area and r
Mar 18, 2012 8:30am PDT
a boat where ms. romney has a slight lead over rick santorum guess the state's lesson in herself for oakland police officers. the ball club that is raising money for a very good cause will be right back. i if sphere the bay area from getting a chance to tryouts how people made the most of its. the problems caused by the rain and what was left behind. >>> + more storm problems in the sierra way mudslide pride and toppled trees and harlans. and protests on the streets of afghanistan and protests in the bay area what we know about the soldier accused of killing more than a dozen afghan civilians welcome back its 859 on early edition. to good morning and phil. >>> it's march 18th are glad you're starting a sunday here a lot to talk about in the next half-hour including the weather it's very gussy up there today this is after we've seen quite a walloping of 10 the last week in the bay area coastline is still under high serve advisory the national weather service says we may see breakers weather officials warn of strong rip currents and waves today some beaches face possible erosion
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4